Sunday, May 16, 2021

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What are your community guidelines?


• Must be 18+ years old, speak English, and have a mic.

• Be respectful to others. The following is NOT allowed: racism, sexism, raging, overly offensive or illegal content, porn, edgelord behavior, etc.

• No promotion of 3rd parties (Discords, teams, groups, etc.) either in server or via unsolicited DM.

• Please keep GR requests to our community, and support the server by utilizing our voice channels whenever possible. For text, please post in the correct channels.

• No profiteering - utilizing our community for your own financial gain (promoting your business, Craigslist, Etsy, etc.). Stream links are allowed.

• Usernames: please only have standard Latin alphabet characters in the first 4 letters of your name - this allows members to more easily tag and engage with each other. No offensive usernames, status, etc.

• In-game clans, clubs, organizations, etc. utilizing our name and/or our roster, must be approved by Leadership. Please DM Richard to discuss.

• This is a cheat-free community – do not post about violating games’ TOS, hacking, cheating, etc.

• Leadership reserves the sole right in interpreting and enforcing policies.

• Activity guideline: 3-hours of voice in our Discord over 30-days.



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