Sunday, May 16, 2021

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Every Sunday we host Overwatch in-houses (6v6) for our members. Not only is this a gaming event, it’s a great social event, full of funny questions, stories, and amazing members. It’s a fantastic way to meet your fellow Mythril members, and to get some Overwatch in!


We host two different League events on rotation, every Saturday night. The first is our League in-houses (5v5) between members. This is a great time with a lively League group, and a wonderful way to meet other members. The second event style is our Clash team’s practices, which you can join in on the fun!


For Apex we offer weekly ranked nights, where our members get together at a set day and time and squad up with each other based off of rank, and playstyle. It’s a great way to get to play some competitive. In addition, we offer quarterly in-house tournaments.


We host our Valorant event nights every Friday! This is a ton of fun with Riot’s newest title, and is a great way to not only game, but to get to meet other Gamerz Reef and Squad members. Come for the games, stay for the friendship!


Every other Thursday we host Jackbox Night! This is a fun slew of party games full of facts, lies, drawing, laughter, and great times. It’s a wonderful way to meet other members from across the community.

Other Games

We offer our members a wide range of other games, from oldies to up and coming titles. This is offered through formal events and our Other Games section!

Among Us

Who doesn’t love a murder-mystery game?! Well, I guess probably those who get murdered. Maybe they’re just sus. It’s probably you. Maybe. Join us and we’ll convic- invite you into our fun and exciting weekly Among Us event!


We are calling all shower singers. Those with the chops, and those without. Every last Saturday of the month our members get together for what could very well be the start of their musical careers. For those who can totally, definitely, maybe, possibly cover that Madonna song, to those who want to listen to you cover that Madonna song.

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